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He wants my phone number so we can talk.

I've been emailing a guy for about a week, and he wants my phone number so we can talk. I'm not sure about giving him my number. What should I do? -- Mary Ellen in Dallas

A: I'm glad you asked this question, because it's a common issue for women. I don't think you should give him your phone number at home, because that can be connected with your address. Even if your number is unlisted, it is very simple to get the address with just a phone number. If you have cell phone, you could give him that number. Better yet, have him give you his number and you can call him. When you call him, use the *67 feature on your phone to block your number, so he can't get it with caller ID. I think women need to be very careful in these situations. Just because you met a guy on a "Christian" dating site doesn't mean he's safe. Grace and peace to you.



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